At the outlet of beautiful Lake Tahoe, begins 120 miles of rushing water, known as the Truckee River, which is surrounded by beauty, from beginning to end.  Along the river is scenery that will take your breath away! Anybody who lives along this vast river, experiences nature at it’s finest. Acres of trees bear brilliant colors in the fall; in  winter, the world around the Truckee is a bright white, and blends in with the river.

Things begin to thaw out along the Truckee in the spring; the flowers come out, trees start to bud, and the green grass along the banks gets greener.  The summer gives way to exciting whitewater rafting.  Canoeing and inter-tubing also account for much of the sporting activities on the Truckee.

Our goal at Truckee Real Estate.org, is to get you familiar with the area, by providing pictures of the river and its surroundings, our reasonably priced houses, and the schools and events in the neighborhoods those houses are in.  Living along the Truckee river is about a lot more than the river itself!
There is no question that after you visit our website and get a taste of Life on the Truckee, you’ll be calling our office to ask for a showing of some of our houses. And we are waiting, ready to serve you!